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Welcome to Elephant Point Arugam bay , Pottuuvil

The Holiday Home

A holiday home was originally built on this site in the early eighties, however, on account of the war the place fell into ruin. The tsunami of 2004 destroyed what was left of it leaving behind only sand.

It is located at Kudakalli, just a couple of kilometers from the town centre and offers easy access to all the facilities of Pottuvil and Arugam Bay. The house is understated in construction and meant to blend unobtrusively with an environment that needs to be protected from encroaching modernization. It is comfortably nestled at the end of a long, sandy spit of land that runs all the way along the Indian ocean and ends in a low, flat, rock outcrop. Although Arugum Bay is an up and coming tourist town, Elephant Point offers a degree of relative peace and tranquility due to its location, away from the main drag. It is provided with both security and isolation from the rest of the community as it is the last property, adjacent to a nature reserve/green zone.

A tributary of the Heda Oya, which flows through paddy fields and chena cultivations, skirts Crocodile Rock on its way into the sea at high tide. Beyond this rock, and at the far end of the Bay, is another rock known as Elephant Rock which probably got its name from the wild elephants that have been seen on the rock. Seated in the verandah of the house of an evening, it is not unusual to watch a wild elephant grazing a few metres away, whilst you sip your tea or your beer. Immediately in front of the house is a broad expanse of beach frontage that runs for miles in both directions. Beyond is the unbroken view of the Indian Ocean, extending for a few thousand kilometres.


From Colombo to Ratnapura and onto Pelmadulla.At the Pelmadulla junction you have a choice of two routes.

1) Via Kahawatte,Godakawela,Uda Walawe,Thanamalvila,Wellawaya,Siyambalanduwa,Lahugala,and onto Pottuvil.

2) From Pelmadulla junction via Balangoda,Belihuloya,Beregala,to Koslanda passing the Diyaluma Falls and to Wellawaya.From there the route is identical to route ( 1 )

3) Sea plane access is also available during the Surfing season.

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Kumana National Park

Lahugala National Park

Magul Maha Viharaya

Muhudu Maha Viharaya



  • One large double bedroom
  • Comfortable sleeping arrangements in the spacious verandah . for ten adults.
  • Two fully equipped bathrooms
  • Ceiling fans
  • Mosquito Nets
  • Water on tap
  • Refrigerator
  • Wheelchair access throughout the bungalow
  • Government electricity power supplemented by a standby generator
  • Local guests should bring their own linen and towels
  • Food – Resident caretaker and his assistant will cook provisions supplied by guests.
  • A variety of fish is available throughout the year together with a plentiful supply of prawn and crab during the season.
  • For overseas guests both linen and food could be provided at a cost subject to adequate prior notice.
  • Accommodation is available for two drivers